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& Event Preparation


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Where will my booth/table placement be?

Sponsor location placement will be "FIRST COME, FIRST PICK," meaning that based on the date you filled out your sponsor form, you will be able to choose your spot on the floor plan. We will be sending that form out via email.


How early can I start setting up?

Rentals will be up on Thursday, but the weather can be unpredictable. We suggest that all actual table set-up of your station will need to occur on SATURDAY MORNING before the event unless we have otherwise discussed different arrangements such as sponsors bringing their own bars for setup. We have the house starting THURSDAY AFTERNOON, so drop offs and site visits can start as early as Thursday.

If you are a trailer sponsor, we will discuss different arrangements for driving in and dropping off your trailer/vehicle in advance of Friday.

PLEASE NOTE: All sponsors are required to show up for setup and check in with us no later than 9AM on Saturday, June 15th and ALL set-up should be done and event ready by 11AM.


Will there be truck access on the property to drop off larger items?

Yes, there will be access from the main highway into the property to drop off large rentals and objects. We will provide an access map closer to the event date.


What are you providing to sponsors?

We are providing a 6ft table (unless you forgo it on the form), ice, plastic cups (for cocktails) and wine glasses (for wine tables). Anything else you require YOU will need to bring in. Your setup must be completely self-sufficient and independent of us. Should you need additional help or services that you did not indiciate on the form, please let us know at and we will do our best to get you organized beforehand!


Will there be power or access to refrigeration for the product we drop off?

There is limited power inside that will be used by the kitchen. If you arrive early enough and need some use of power for setup, you can plug in there for a brief time. Power will be run to all 20x20 and trailer booth setups. If you need power at your 10x10 space or under the tent, we will need to know in advance and there will be an extra fee for that. Otherwise, there is no access to power in the field. There is NO REFRIGERATION for products to be stored at the property in advance, but ice is provided the day of, and should be sufficient to get everything cooled down before the event. Refrigeration can be rented from our caterer in advance if needed (you will need to coordinate with them separately).


What happens if it rains or is burning hot outside?

This event is FULLY outdoors, so plan accordingly for your setup (umbrellas, coolers, misters, tenting, etc.). We will have one area that is tented off for anyone who chose the tent sponsorship. If it rains, people may run in there for that bit of time. If you are not in the tented area, we highly recommend getting umbrellas to shade from sun or renting 10x10 tents or 20x20 tents. 1. If you need branded umbrellas (or branded swag of any kind) made, we can help (! 2. If you would like some low-cost options, we found some great options on Amazon for umbrellas and tents. Let us know if you would like the links to our suggested items.


When do I need to breakdown by?

Can I leave everything until Sunday?

NO - ALL BREAKDOWN MUST BE COMPLETED SATURDAY AFTER THE EVENT. Large items you need to truck out can be picked up on Sunday, but all product, trash, leftover swag, etc. must be picked up and fully cleaned out Saturday after the event. We will have large dumpster to dispose of anything you don't want to ship back or take home with you.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR STORING OR SHIPPING BACK ANYTHING FOR YOU, which includes holding on to boxes or managing your shipments.

Any product you do not need or want to take back will be donated to catering staff or the Dunbar property.

Everything you bring in must be cleared off the field before you leave Saturday to make room for the rental company to come breakdown large rentals.


Can I ship anything to the house or have product dropped off early?

YES - please ship your items to the address below and make sure it is addressed exactly like listed below.

MAKE SURE that most importantly the WHITE BARN is on the address label. If that gets missed, your package may be misplaced.

Shipping Labels Attn: YOUR NAME/YOUR COMPANY
White Barn at Dunbar Ranch
47200 CO-82
Aspen, CO 81611
Box ___ of ____

For product drop off, make sure your distributors or whoever is dropping off product clearly labels the boxes so it is easy for you to find your boxes when you come for setup.

DO NOT SHIP/DROP OFF ANYTHING FOR ARRIVAL BEFORE THURSDAY, JUNE 13TH! We understand the timing isn't always perfect, so if packages do arrive early, they will be stored for us, but there is no guarantee to their safety as there will be other guests staying at the property that week. As long as your shipping labels are correct, it should be fine, but still giving a precautionary heads up that Dunbar Ranch will not be held liable for lost or damaged packages.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT SHIP ANYTHING WITH USPS. USPS does not deliver to that property (or most places in Aspen). Only use FedEx or UPS to ship. We learned the hard way last year that Amazon refuses to let you choose your shipping service, so if you purchase from Amazon, have a backup shipping option to somewhere you can guarantee pick up in case anything is returned.

You may be able to ship directly to the Aspen Post Office, but please double check and make appropriate arrangements with them.


Can we park on property once setup is complete for the duration of the event?

Yes, but there is very limited parking on property. Each sponsor can have ONE vehicle left on property. More vehicles can come to help with drop off and setup, but only ONE can be left during the event itself. Everyone else must leave and ride back to the event on an early shuttle that we will have available. There is no parking available for anyone else. All attendees will come by shuttle, and anyone on your team that is not there for setup and to work the event must also come by shuttle (unless they carpool there with you).


How much product should we bring?

This will depend on whether you are serving cocktails, straight pours, beer or wine. Plan to have enough to serve 1000 people.


Event Details 

& Invitee Information


How many attendees are we expecting?

We are anticipating attendance of 1,300 - 1,500 for our planning purposes, which includes other sponsors and their teams working the event.


How many people can I invite with my sponsorship?

Each sponsorship level comes with a specific number of guaranteed attendance. While you are welcome to invite as many people as you would like, everyone is waitlisted until they have been vetted and until you determine which of those guests you would like to include on your guaranteed attendees list. Please be mindful of who you invite! We are all putting in a lot of work and money into creating an event that can accommodate all of your guests and allows us to keep growing. However, please be mindful in your invites to keeping this event exclusive to trade that will impact the growth of your brand, such as buyers, influencers, decision makers and their guests. Please do not extend this invitation to local Aspen or Denver trade that is not associated with National Accounts in some form or fashion. Let's continue to keep this event exclusive and a treat to OUR guests! Guests must have a trade email upon registering, and an email can only be used once upon registration.


Can I give my guests the event location address to drive themselves?

ABSOLUTELY NOT - there will be NO option to park at the house, and no guests will be allowed on property without previously being checked in, scanned in, and given a badge. If you/your guests plan to come in a large group with your own shuttle to avoid waiting for the shuttles offered, this will need to be pre-arranged with us for approval. However, we should be able to accommodate this as long as it is just a drop off and the vehicle leave immediately after unload. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOT SHARE THE LOCATION NAME AND ADDRESS WITH YOUR GUESTS! We WILL send them back to the shuttle stop if they come without a badge.


Can I add people to the guest list the day of the event?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Anyone who is NOT on the RSVP list in advance (list will close the day before the event) cannot be added at the last minute. We CANNOT add anyone after the list has closed, so please don't text, call, or e-mail requesting to do so. Please make sure all of your guests are RSVPed and have a QR code prior to the day of the event. Each QR code can only scan ONCE so make sure you are not sharing your registration with anyone else.


Geez - chill out!

Why are you being so strict?! 

Due to the amazing entertainment and the phenomenal venue, we have security requirements to meet for everyone's safety. We simply have to buckle down because we want to be invited back for years to come and stay within expected regulations from Pitkin County!


Who is the entertainment for this year's event?

Bush is our featured band this year! We are one of the first stops on their Greatest Hits tour. It's definitely one not to be missed!



For information on product quantities, product logistics, mixology, brand inclusion questions, etc., please contact:

Rebecca Dowda (

For any information regarding event logistics, booth placement or any additional needs, please contact:

Oana Borcoman (

cc: Kayla Garvy (



CATERING: For any additional catering needs, such as ordering fruit juices for cocktails, refrigeration, pre-made garnished, unique/special needs, etc., please reach out to our caterer. He will accommodate as many requests as he can. This will be a separate charge and transaction for you completely independent of our catering needs.

Steven McKenney 970-920-4262

European Caterers
402 Park Avenue STE F
Basalt Co. 81621

EVENT RENTALS: For any rental needs, such as renting a bar or additional elements, you can reach out to our main rental company - Premier Party Rentals. Since we already have a delivery scheduled to the property, they should be able to add your order on to the same delivery window. They run out of items fast, so be sure to reach out very soon if needed!

Kayli Pace
General Manager

Premier Party Rental
894 Highway 133,
Carbondale CO 81623
(O) 970.963.8368
(C) 970.618.1804

Be sure to mention that you are a part of the same event at Dunbar Ranch but need separate invoicing. Once they give you a delivery window, please have someone from your team there to coordinate.

For creative mobile bar buildouts, reach out to:
Go West Event Rentals
Zac Matthews - Owner

Sponsor Informational Webinars

Still have lingering questions? Watch our past webinars where we have answered additional questions from sponsors.

Trees and Mountains

Have more questions?

Email your questions to and we will answer them as soon as we can. We will plan 2 live Q&A's to discuss the event and your sponsorship.

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